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Car rental[ edit ] There are several well known foreign car rental companies as well as several domestic companies in Vilnius. City-Bee operates a car sharing network where you can rent a car by the hour. There is no contract nor monthly fee, you pay only for the service when you use the car, no parking expenses when you are not using it. There are 13 pick-up points throughout the city, mostly in the centre and some relevant points in northern districts. By bicycle[ edit ] In the city centre you often find bike lanes; however, that doesn’t mean they are well respected. The only “real” bicycle path leads along the river Neris North to Verkiai Nature park and the “Green lakes”.

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Among Indo-European languages , Lithuanian is conservative in some aspects of its grammar and phonology, retaining archaic features otherwise found only in ancient languages such as Sanskrit [5] particularly its early form, Vedic Sanskrit or Ancient Greek. For this reason, it is an important source for the reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European language despite its late attestation with the earliest texts dating only to c.

Lehmann and Vladimir Toporov [9] and others.

Lithuania has international airports at Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga. Vilnius is the main air transportation centre, with links to many foreign cities. The independent Lithuanian Airlines began operating in

Services By the early 21st century the service sector was the largest component of the Lithuanian economy, employing about half the workforce and contributing about two-fifths of the annual GNP. For this reason, and because of high income taxes, many Lithuanian nationals were motivated to seek work in other EU countries after Lithuania joined the EU in Some of these emigrants started to return in , however, when the government reduced income taxes and raised the minimum wage.

Trade union membership is low, with only about 10 percent of the workforce participating in organized labour confederations. Railways are the main means of transport in Lithuania. Two major rail routes run through Lithuania—a north-south highway that connects Scandinavia with central Europe, as well as an east-west route linking Lithuania to the rest of Europe. Moreover, after independence Lithuania emerged as a critical land bridge to Kaliningrad oblast , the region of the Russian Federation on the Baltic coast.

A major rail route between Russia and the Kaliningrad region passes through Lithuania. Sea transport is an important sector, with freight transportation showing a rapid increase since World War II. Kaunas is a chief inland port. Lithuania has international airports at Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga.

Ryanair jet escorted by RAF fighter jets into Stansted airport after mid-flight “bomb threat”

Read latest edition Follow us: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuana have long escaped Communism, fully embracing tourism. Largely forgotten by the world, Soviet-occupied Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania hit the headlines in the late s with a near-bloodless hence “Singing” revolution that led to the restoration of their independence in Since giving Communism the boot, this energetic trio have seen their economic fortunes soar, with all three countries set fair for admission to the European Union in the next few years.

Belarus and Poland complete the perimeter.

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Lithuania — Latvia — Estonia, 11 days days incl. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Tour starts and ends in Vilnius, Lithuania. Total distance about km, mostly on paved roads. Visits to Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and other sightseeings of the region, many of them lying off standard tourist track: You can take part on Your own motobike. Minimum number of the guests — 4.

With less guests tour starts against surcharge. Tour dates in season July 22 — August 1. Acquaintance with guide and fellows moto-tourists. Day 2 Short tour around Vilnius.

Blind dates in Kaunas, Lithuania

The division of Sound and Image is the main repository of audiovisual heritage in Lithuania. It preserves moving pictures since , photo negatives and positives since ‘s, sound recordings since ‘s, videotapes since until the present day. The documents preserved in the Lithuanian Central State Archives comprise 9 sets. Documents of state institutions of the Republic of Lithuania — Zatorskis; photographic documents by J.

The Soviet period is reflected in thephotographic material of the Lithuanian News Agency ELTA and editorial offices of newspapers; numerous collections of documentary photography works of J.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email RAF fighter jets have escorted a Ryanair passenger plane into Stansted airport after a mid-flight “bomb threat”. The 1, mph Typhoon military jets took to the skies and armed police were scrambled on the tarmac. Passengers described feeling “helpless” as the airport was placed on “lockdown” and emergency services descended on the scene. Travellers – including children and a man on crutches – were pictured being led away from flight FR by armed police after it had landed, while sniffer dogs were deployed.

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Kaunos had a twin sister by the name of Byblis who developed a deep, unsisterly love for him. When she wrote her brother a love letter, telling him about her feelings, he decided to flee with some of his followers to settle elsewhere. His twin sister became mad with sorrow, started looking for him and tried to commit suicide. Mythology says that the Calbys river emerged from her tears. A statue found at the western gate of the city walls, pieces of imported Attic ceramics and the S-SE oriented city walls show habitation in the 6th century BC.

However, none of the architectural finds at Kaunos itself dates back to earlier than the 4th century BC. First Persian rule[ edit ] Kaunos is first referred to by Herodotus in his book Histories. He added that there were, however, great differences between the lifestyles of the Kaunians and those of their neighbours, the Carians and Lycians. One of the most conspicuous differences being their social drinking behaviour. It was common practice that the villagers -men, women and children alike- had get-togethers over a good glass of wine.

They helped to decipher the Carian alphabets.

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All the selected icons are one or more of the following: If you have different suggestions or believe one of these icons should be replaced by another, you may suggest so in the comments. Symbols of Lithuania Vytis is the Lithuanian coat of arms. Dating back to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania it is among the Europe’s oldest emblems. Atypically, its source is Grand duke’s seal rather than a dynastic coat of arms.

As Lithuania once stretched beyond its current boundaries some emblems in neighboring countries are also based on Vytis.

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This village is said to have been the first capital of Lithuania before Trakai and Vilnius. Archeological excavations uncovered several old settlements as well as the remnants of a wooden castle and large wooden encampment dating back to the 12th century. There are four old castle mounds in rural surroundings. Visiting of Kernave museum. On your way back you will make a stop and visit Antakalnis Cemetery. Original country houses and wooden churches from all four regions of Lithuania have been brought together from their original locations.

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Rank in the country: Back in the day, the Old Town of Kaunas was used as a trade center so many buildings reflect some German architectural influence. The most beautiful part of the Old Town is Vilnius street so make sure not to walk past it while gazing at other magnificent buildings and sites. Even though located about 7km from the city center, it is highly recommended to take this little detour because here you will get a chance to wander around looking at the numerous amazing frescos, walk through beautiful gardens and even have a dinner in the on-site restaurant that has been very highly rated by previous visitors.

Ninth Fort is one of the most historically marked places to visit not only in Kaunas but in all Lithuania. It is a remarkable memorial to the thousands of people, mostly Jews that were murdered by the Nazis. Needless to say, this museum is not for the faint-hearted, but for those strong enough it is definitely one of the most highly recommended places to visit in Kaunas. Freedom Avenue is located in the New Town but is the most famous street of Kaunas hands down! It is both a refreshing green area in the middle of the city and a busy shopping center at the same time.

The avenue is a tree-lined pedestrians only street full of some of the best cafes and restaurants in town and many international shops as well as locals boutiques selling Lithuanian goods! In the avenue, there is also a beautiful, huge St. Michael the Archangel Church functioning as a Russian Orthodox church.

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Dating in Lithuania In Lithuania, dating is less accentuated than in some Western societies, as the number of lifetime partners including sexual partners is much lower among the Lithuanians. However, with no “arranged marriages”, Lithuania has more dating than most Eastern societies. The majority of Lithuanian couples and families are formed through a rather slow relationship transformation from that of classmates, co-workers, friends or otherwise into that of a boyfriend and girlfriend.

However, there is also an active “dating scene” where casual relations are practiced.

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Reply The last morning of a trip can be a little sad because it is often during those final few hours that you feel most at home in a place which, not so long before, had seemed new and unfamiliar. We were out by about 7. The day began with brilliant sunshine, but the temperature overnight had fallen to almost zero.

Consequently, it was still cold in the shade. The trees along Laisves Aleja looked a delight even though they still resembled the skeletons of mid-winter. Laisves Aleja, Kaunas Church of St. Michael the Archangel, Kaunas New town, Kaunas We had planned to eat breakfast in a bakery other than the one opposite our hotel, but, because it was the first to open, went there instead.

We had a cappacino each and shared three pastries. We also bought four kibinai for the flight to Leeds-Bradford, two filled with chicken and two with mushroom. The bill came to only 20 litus. Settling our bill for the night, we told staff that the hotel was excellent and we would therefore write a very positive review on the internet we did the same for the Rinno, of course.

Next, we walked the short distance to Savaroniu Gatve from where buses and mini-buses leave for the airport. The bus stop had an electric information board to indicate what buses were expected and when they would arrive, but, unlike most such information boards in the UK, it displayed accurate information.

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The definitive historical record, however, dates from the fourteenth century, when Lithuanian Grand Dukes issued invitations and charters of rights hoping to attract Jewish immigration principally from the Germanic lands in central Europe. The Lithuanian grand dukes recognized the value of Jewish residents in international and local commerce, and for the development of culture and diplomacy. By the late fifteenth century, there were already thriving communities.

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KTU has an unified registration system. They have not only family doctors but also various specialists working there, and you can have more health examinations at the same place. Safe environment and temperate natural conditions make for pleasant living. Vividold town, green parks, river bank with leisure areas are within 15 minutes reach from KTU campus. Students are offered to live in KTU dormitories, enjoy sports, arts and other students’ activitieswithin the campus. University’s students and employees are invited to spend a meaningful leisure time and improve their skills in dancing, singing, photography, etc.

Events of the societies, which leaders are nationally recognized professionals, make a significant contribution to our country’s cultural life. Every generation of the members of KTU art societies nurture University’s traditions by their activities; they convey its cultural values not only to the academic community, but also to the general public in Lithuania and abroad. We want to ultimately encourage you to study abroad in order to experience and explore new countries, cultures and languages.

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