I need to find a hose adapter to hook up to my hot and cold water faucet outside my house?

I want a solar shower out back in the worst way! You have given me new incentive to go ahead and build one. A lot of good information here to get me started. I used the 4″ black pipe as the roof over the shower and it gives me plenty of hot water. My shower can last up to 1. The shower base is 4′ X 6′ and the top with the pipes is 6′ X 8′. I just added tile floor and a water proof light because of day light savings After working in the sun all day it is great to get fully clean before going into the house for dinner If I sell this house it is going with me!!! I have been in 3 or 4 different solar showers, all set up differently, and have had incredibly invigorating i.

Sump & Utility Pumps

We used redwood for the frames, which was protected with a water-based sealer prior to attaching the panels. A less expensive option is pressure-treated lumber. Panel options include clear, frosted, or colored fiberglass roofing, aluminum flashing, or colorful oil or acrylic cloth. Lay out and assemble the galvanized piping using nylon plumbing tape at each joint, but do not add the hose coupling at the end of the 8-inch bottom pipe yet.

Description. Spray-Port™ The Spray-Port™ is an auxiliary hook-up without hose storage. Spray-Port™ is the only product on the market that places a high pressure, concentrated water spray within fast, easy reach yet requires so little space.

If the machine’s pump could empty a tank of dirty laundry water, why couldn’t it dispose of a tankful of clean liquid. A Homemade Washing Machine Shower My friend and I acquired our homestead in the mountains of western Washington through the good graces of a pair of true pioneers. After that hardy couple had compiled over years of life experience between them, they decided that residing ten miles from the nearest town and a mile from the road was no longer in their best interests.

And when the two sold their property, my partner and I were the lucky buyers. Our move from Seattle to the Cascade Mountains involved a complete change of lifestyle for us, and—like many back-to-the-landers—we put in our fair share of grimy, sweaty hours while shaping up the newly purchased acreage. During that period the one remnant of “civilization” that we both missed most was the chance to take an occasional honest-to-goodness hot shower.

There were times when a dip in a nearby cold lake or a sponge bath just didn’t measure up. Although our home would probably appear primitive to many people, however, we do have two amenities that make it possible to run a wringer washer: And since we don’t have a septic tank, we’ve set up the vintage Maytag in a sunny clearing amid some towering Douglas firs.

A hose supplies the machine with cold water. A few days later, after the notion had percolated a bit, an adventuresome acquaintance came for a weekend visit. Within four hours from the time I shared my brainstorm, the Maytag shower was primed and ready to go. Continue Reading We began bringing about the washer’s metamorphosis with a four-foot piece of garden hose. One end of the tubing was secured to the drain on the machine, and an 89 cents shower head—fastened by a hose clamp—was fitted to the other.

Country Lore: Outdoor Solar Shower

Everything In This Slideshow 1 of 25 There’s no doubt about it — a well-organized tool shed can save you time, energy, and money: You won’t waste 10 minutes looking for that trowel. You won’t be frustrated moving the wheelbarrow and that extra bag of potting soil out of the way so you can get to your lawn mower. And you won’t spend extra money to buy a set of gloves because you can’t find yours.

At Strand Boards® we are dedicated to bringing the ocean vibe to you no matter where you are through our surf-influenced items. Whether you’re washing off the sand from the ocean or chlorine from the pool, with a Strand Boards® outdoor shower (patent pending) you can do it in style.

Shower head operates normally when hose is not connected. Connecting hose shuts off flow to showerhead Water flows only when sprayer lever is pressed How do I contact Customer Service? Is there a warranty on Pet Shower Deluxe? Yes, there is a one-year warranty. We warrant the product shall be free of defects in assembly under normal use when properly installed and maintained.

If the product should become defective, we will repair it or elect to replace it free of charge. To obtain warranty service, please call or email service ginsey. Include a return address inside the package. You may also include an email address inside the package so we can notify you that your package has been received and returned. Please allow 2 weeks for the return of your product.

Cost to Install an Outdoor Shower

No more messy cups or flimsy hoses that blow off. No sloppy shampoo container to fill, use shampoo like you do. Wash the dog outside with the same sprayer your dog is used to in the summer.

Shop online at for the largest selection of in-stock Shower Accessories.

Box , Denton, TX pwp purewaterproducts. Call us at We offer free tech support by phone if you have a problem in installation or service. If you need an outdoor water filter to make chlorine-free water for your petunia bed or your dog’s water bowl, to reduce the hardness in the water you use to wash your car or rinse your patio, or to remove the chemicals and chlorine from the water that fills your outdoor fish pond, here’s the easy and inexpensive way.

Our basic garden-hose filter uses standard-sized 2. You’ll need two hoses — one to provide an inlet and a second to deliver the water to its point of use. The adapters are included as well as a mounting bracket in case you’d like to hang the filter on a wall or the side of a garden cart. Detail of garden hose fittings. Suggested Applications What the filter does depends on the cartridge you put in it. Here are some typical uses: For greater softening capacity, see our Garden Hose Water Softener.

Sediment filtration for removal of sand and silt and for cleaner, clearer water in general.

Building an outdoor, gravity-fed, solar-heated shower

Over the summer we designed, built, and tweaked an outdoor, gravity-fed, solar-heated shower to minimize use of our oil furnace. Read on to learn how we did it and what you should look for when making your own! Interested in trimming ordinary household costs, we decided to exploit the summertime weather and build a solar-heated, gravity-fed, outdoor shower for use in the evenings.

Mondella mm Chrome Cadenza 3 Hook Towel Bar. Order Online. Delivery Available. Hy-Clor 20L Outdoor Shower. Order Online. Delivery Available. Pick up in-store $ View all outdoor showers 3. this guide from Bunnings Warehouse will help you .

By Gene and Katie Hamilton An outdoor shower can be an elaborate custom stone or tiled room with hot and cold running water or a more modest freestanding shower unit hooked up to a garden hose. If you want the convenience of an outdoor shower without the time and expense to design and build an entire room, consider a complete stand alone unit ideally suited for a nice wash down with fresh water after a dip in the pool or lake.

It’s an easy to install unit with a garden hose that’s best located near an outdoor spigot for access to a water line. When the weather changes at the end of the swimming season the shower unit can be unhooked and stored away. If you place the hose in the sun it will heat the water in the hose so you will get warm water for a couple of minutes. Basically the only labor required is assembly of the shower kit. Since these units come with instructions and require only a screwdriver this is a DIY project you can do no matter what your skill level is.

Finding a pro to do this may be difficult since it is such a small job. A Piecce of Rainbow has 32 ideas for making a do-it-yourself Outdoor Shower. Tweak the data by adding your ZIP Code to find a local cost. Improvement and Repair Cost Updated The cost and time data is generated by averaging labor and material data from annually updated cost books used by contractors and refined by the authors’ experience remodeling 13 houses.

Steel Pedestal Outdoor Body Shower, Footwash, and Drinking Fountain

Item Added – View Cart Availability: Usually ships within business days Rinse off before and after you use your spa or hot tub with the easy-to-install outdoor solar shower. Place it in a sunny spot and connect a garden hose, and the 2-piece black PVC tubes absorb the sun’s warmth for a naturally warm outdoor spa shower. It also makes a great outdoor pool shower, or barn shower, garden shower, tennis shower anywhere you want an outdoor shower.

Although it was designed to be an outside shower, you can also install indoors for cabins or while camping, just connect a garden hose, for a brisk and quick shower.

These shower stalls usually consist of a platform to stand on and simple piping going up, leading to the shower head. One of the biggest features that make them portable is that they simply hook up to the garden hose.

You could use the hose outside, but all you get with that is cold water. You could fill it in the bathtub, but you still have to haul it out of the tub. But there’s an easy solution: With just a couple twists and turns, it’s easy and fast to do. We’ll show you how to do it safely! Steps Attaching the Hose 1 Get a faucet adapter. This is a small adapter that screws onto the faucet and converts the end of the faucet into a male garden hose fitting. Take care not to drop pieces that are contained within the tip.

Installing a Hot Water and Cold Water OutDoor Hose Faucet

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